On the outside Pamela was like any other 17-year-old girl. She was popular, beautiful, and interviewed by many. But in her house and then the inside Pamela was an absolute wreck. The one thing that we all seek is the one thing that she didn’t have and that is love. Her parents want to perfection, something that she could never give them. And as much as she was admired by her peers the most important people in her life wouldn’t give her the time of day. But the other playing the Pamela wanted was the love of chess. After dating Jess for a while they ended up at the same party. But something was different and things had definitely changed. It is at this moment that Pamela finds out that Jess was using her to pass chemistry class. When she finds Jess in a bedroom with another girl she snaps. Walking out of that house with two murders on her hands she goes to the only place that she’s ever felt safe, home. The piece takes place with the use of flashbacks in and out of the jail cell. Pam with blood desperately tries to tell someone her story, anyone who will listen. As the story goes on the audience will continue to ask themselves is she crazy, or was she just really in love?

DI/ Female- In An Instant

  • When I came home that night I stood in the kitchen, our very white, very clean kitchen and I looked down at my feet and realized that I had tracked in blood and dirt from the outside on my shoes. (Laughs) And it was kind of funny because the only thing that I could think was how pissed my mother was going to be that I had dirtied up the kitchen, and how disappointed my father was going to be that I had…well done what I did. (Beat) He had his dirty little secrets too. Hidden in places that my mother didn’t see but I walked in on him putting a bottle of bourbon under the bathroom sink all the way in the back. (Laughs) I guess he thought it’d be better to be a drunk that gets down on his hands and knees in a bathroom for a drink rather than just being honest and showing us who he really was. We all have our secrets. But the shoes didn’t matter and the dirt didn’t matter, the blood, that’s what mattered. I wasn’t thinking about what I had done earlier that night. I couldn’t even focus on Jess or Lacey anymore. Maybe it was a metaphor? Maybe me standing in the kitchen looking at how dirty I was on the outside was a metaphor for how dirty I was on the inside. I guess life is funny like that right? How metaphors just come and go but eventually, eventually I knew that I would have to tell my story and again I would be put in a situation where it would be a matter of life and death. (Beat) People who commit suicide are some of the strongest people in the world to me. Because I think it takes a lot of power to say goodbye to all of the things that you love and make the choice to remove yourself from the situation completely. Don’t worry I’m not going to kill myself. At least not right now.




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