In 2013 the country watched the trial of a man that was accused of murdering teenager Trayvon Martin. As the trial unravels we saw his mother stoic in the courtroom daily holding in all emotion and never losing her control. On the Judgment Day we see her preparing to head to the courtroom for the juries final decision. As we watch and listen to her preparations we realize how difficult it is to know the outcome of someone else’s reality. And accept that no matter the situation no parent should have to bury their child in the midst of a senseless and preventable situation. (Fiction)

DI/ Female- Judgement Day

  • As I stand at my door and watch the people passing by. The young black girls and boys and their parents all marching together, picket signs in hand like they are all headed to the Lincoln Memorial to hear Dr. Martin Luther King give his “I Have A Dream” speech. (Laughs) My son, bringing out that many people, bringing that many people together. They are wearing t-shirts that read of the times, we created the topic of the year. If God had told me that I was going to be a part of history I would have been so excited. (Beat) But when I would inquire to him, “Why Lord? What am I going to do in my life that is so special that I will be a part of history?” He would look at me and say, “You will give birth to a beautiful baby boy, and then you will lose him.” I would have respectfully declined. (Beat) But no one told me, so I lived my life, and I had my son and in time…I lost him. His name was Trayvon Martin. Today is the day of the verdict. I’ve been nervous before in my life but this is an unexplainable feeling. It’s not like the first drop on a roller coaster, or turbulence on a plane, or even a car crash; it’s more like Cancer. I know that sounds like a strange choice but hear me out, in all of those other situations they happen in an instant and then they are over. In my situation it’s like Cancer, it lingers inside of you. It eats away at parts of you that you can’t see and you can’t explain and no matter what medicine you take, sometimes you can get rid of the feeling, and sometimes the sickness- the Cancer overcomes your entire body and you can’t escape it. I, Sybrina Fulton can’t escape.