Olivia is a senior in high school. She is also the white daughter or the police officer that has recently shot an unarmed African American teenager. Olivia’s struggle is one that needs to be shared with the world. As more and more situations like this arise the people often missed are those affected behind the situation, the families of the officers. Her story is one of genuine concern for her father and the hatred that he has gotten from the situation without the ability for anyone to tell their side of the story she doesn’t understand how he can be crucified. She is fighting the overwhelming theme of her father being a racist but in her eyes he is just her daddy. Her argument for justice is a logical one, a strong voice and a presence that should make people sit back in their chairs and ponder in the present day is it possible that race does not play a factor? As her and her father pray for the recovery of the teenage boy Olivia shares with us her strong relationship with her father in hopes that someone, anyone will listen and allow him to be innocent until proven guilty. 

DI/ Female- Justice For All

  • (Scene opens with Olivia holding a bullet in her hand. She examines it, staring at it from all sides. She tests the weight of it. Then she looks at the audience and presents it to us.) This is what changed my life. It is small and light and shiny and not in 1 million years did I ever think that something so tiny could completely turn my world on its axis. This particular bullet came from my father’s service weapon. It is a bullet from a 9 mm semi automatic gun. He wears it on his right side. To protect and serve. Always thought it was the coolest thing ever to have a father that was a police officer. Any time that we had a parent career day my father was always there. He always had the same routine he would come into the room with a red gun that had water in it and he would completely soak the entire class. (Laughs) The last time he came, since it is my senior year we all had our own water guns ready. Even my English teacher Mrs. Stanic had one. He came in with his and got us wet and we soaked him with ours. (Laughed) It was so fun to see him play with us like that, that’s the kind of dad he is. My friends thought that was so cool. (Beat) It's not cool anymore. I'm not exactly sure how to explain how I feel right now. My father has gone from my hero, my mentor, my everything, to headlining the newspaper. (She puts the bullet down and opens the newspaper, reading.) “Atlanta veteran police officer Justin Maples on paid administrative leave in the wake of being investigated for shooting an unarmed African American teen three nights ago. This investigation is on going.” Life changed.




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