Natalie is a single woman remembering how it is that she ended up single and pregnant. She is a woman who, from her fiancé, was a victim of domestic violence. A man that said that he loved her more than life it self and she believed him. The hits came nonstop and the apologies always followed. Natalie forgot who she was and turned into who he made her, a shell of a woman that she did not like being. She somehow found the strength to leave him, but now she lives in constant fear. He wouldn’t let her go. Showing up at her house, her job and when she found out she was pregnant she had to protect her baby so she went into hiding. She is daily looking over her shoulder, waiting, praying that he won’t find her. In the midst of doing what is right for herself and her child she must ask herself, “What will I tell my child about her father?”

DI/ Female- Love Of Terror

  • (Shaunta stands staring out of a window. She is captivated by something. Her hand goes to her ring finger but nothing is there.) There is nothing more powerful than the love that one can express towards someone else. And not the love that you get from your mother or your father you're supposed to be loved by them, but the love you get from spouse. Someone you didn't know your whole life. To make you feel like at the possibility of heaven on earth is within your reach, you just had to trust it and touch them and Heaven was right there. Such a dream. Such an amazing and painful dream. Nowadays I often speak dreams. I have found that after everything is said and done that when you go to sleep at night and you close your eyes it is truly the one thing in your life that you have no control over, your dreams. (Beat) I got to a point where I hated sleeping because I hated my dreams. Waking up dripping in sweat, out of breath and most nights crying hysterically to a point of nausea, sleep just didn't seem worth it. My dreams quickly turned into nightmares of me running down dark alleys and turning around and seeing him there; knife stretched out running towards me.




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