In My Mother's Call we follow a woman as she desperately tries to connect with her mother in the midst of one of the worst storms of her life, and one of the most devastating storms in Oklahoma history. We will never forget.

DI/ Female- My Mother's Call

  • The phone rang. (Beat) When people ask me how I found out about this storm it was when my phone rang. I was packing my bedroom up for the move. I decided to move to Moore, OK because I wanted to be close to my mom. She has been battling Cancer, just released from the hospital a few days ago. It was June 18, 2011 that she was diagnosed, I answered the phone that day… but you can’t always make it to the phone. I left work immediately and I got in my car and I drove, I drove six straight to get to my momma. That’s the woman that she taught me to be. She would always tell us “If you love someone you will always be there for them when they call. That’s what makes family. (Laughs) Family- so when I got there she was in room 717, I remember that because it was the corner room and she had all of these beautiful windows, and the sun was up and there she was, hooked up to this machine and that machine and I remember standing there thinking if she wasn’t hooked up to all of those machines this would be such a beautiful day, but after six weeks of chemo and radiation with her and she’s so positive. She’s one of those women that looked in the mirror after hair fell out and said, “Now I really know how it feels to be a baby, I feel every cool breeze. But I do make a very nice bald woman.”




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