Shannon is a woman suffering form physical abuse from her boyfriend Kevin. She tells us the story of how she met him. She was on a ride along with the police and he was arrested. As they sat in the back seat together he made her feel like he was the one. Shannon fell for it. She allowed this ex con to negatively affect her life. The abuse starts soon after the relationship starts and Shannon can’t get out. Rather, she can get out but she doesn’t know how. Her father tried to help her but Shannon kept listening to the wrong person. She looks in the mirror and sees a reflection that no longer means anything to her. In the end she snaps and kills Kevin and on this day, the first day of her trial, she tries to accept her fate realizing that she never had the courage to call the police but now she is about to stand and be judged for a reality that no one knew existed.

DI/ Female- Redefining Reflection

  • (At open we see Shannon applying make up. She stares at herself in the mirror. There is a shame and fear in her stare, as if a piece of her is truly being covered by this make up.) When I was a little girl my father and I would sit down every weekend and I would climb on his lap he would make popcorn and sprinkle sugar on top because that's how I liked it and we would watch cops and robbers. It was my favorite thing to do because I was with my daddy and because I wanted to be a police officer when I grew up. There was something about being a police officer, and the strength that they have. That when they showed up to rescue a family and the little boy or little girl would wrap their arms around the leg of the police officer because in their presence they were safe. That's how I felt every weekend when I sat on my daddy's lap with our special popcorn. Clearly I was a daddy's girl and all I ever wanted to do was make him proud. (Beat) I didn't. I completely disgraced my father. (Points to her face) This is Kevin. Not literally this is Kevin, but this is Kevin when he's angry and when he thinks I'm lying to him. Kevin is my boyfriend and as much as I didn't want to love him I did, quite unconditionally. Kevin and I meant under the strangest of circumstances. I had just finished my degree in criminal justice and decided that I was going to do a ride along with the Dallas Police Department. Do you know what a ride along is? Okay a ride along is when a civilian signs a release and is allowed to ride along in the backseat of a police car during the duration of their shift. Since I was determined to get into the police academy I decided that this was going to be the experience of a lifetime.




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