In our overwhelming search for perfection we see the lengths a woman is willing to go in order to be the Duchess she believes she deserves to be. However, when the vision that she has in her mind can't be matched in the mirror; she finds herself in an ever changing world where she must accept that beauty is more than skin deep.

DI/ Female- Scars

  • I know what you’re thinking. I know what you see and I know that, like most people I come in contact with: men, woman, old and young, you want me. You think that I am absolutely beautiful and let me tell you…well damn it, you are right. I am a worker at heart so I did a little research. I looked up synonyms for beauty in the thesaurus and I was so impressed by all of the words that I could use to describe myself: smasher, knockout, peach, looker, but my favorite was ravisher. I am a ravisher. That was the person that I use to be. The woman, the…ravisher that thought that she was so beautiful. I was…am a good person. Sometimes I look through my photo albums and I remember the person that I was back then. I reflect on the me that could turn heads in the most random of places. Once I was in a grocery store and as I bought my food I decided to count the number of men who looked at me. One, two, six…oh one man got caught eyeing me with his wife and she hit him so hard. I just laughed. I never wanted any of them I just liked the attention. I mean we all like a little attention right? A quick look up one side of my body and down the other. My body. My body, this body is how I got to this place. Isolation. The only way I see the world is on the television, or on the internet. Reading about the lives of the beautiful people. Men and women who have their freedom to live their lives. I use to look like this (shows picture) not bad right?




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