Heather is the typical high school teenage girl. She has friends, classes and her first crush, her teacher. Unfortunately for Heather the crush that she has turns into an emotional roller coaster that she is not ready to ride on. She soon loses her grip on reality and finds herself spiraling out of control because all she wants is to be loved by the man that she believes is the love of her life. When this love is professed and denied Heather does not have the emotional balance to deal with the denial. People often wonder how school shootings start; sometimes they start at a broken heart. It has been said that there is nothing like a woman scorned, in School of Innocence this saying stands very true.

DI/ Female- School Of Innocence

  • (Scene opens on Heather Lane, she is a pretty girl, she speaks into a microphone.) My name? Heather Lynn Lane. I am twenty-one years old and my birthday is October 31 and my favorite color is red. (Laughs) Sorry, I know you didn’t ask for my favorite color but if you’re going to write a story about me you have to know that my favorite color is red. Where do you want me to start? Wait let me guess you want me to start at the beginning, right? I was born on October 31, 1992 to Patrick and Olivia Lane. I was an only child. My mother had complications with her pregnancy with me. The umbilical chord was wrapped around my neck, they had to have an emergency c- section, I didn’t have air for one minute and seventeen seconds but they saved me. When I was born on Halloween with complications everyone in the family said that I was a miracle baby. For the first few months I was in the ICU because in addition to having my air supply cut off I was also two months premature, I was a big pain in the ass. But I made it, I got strong and I started living like a normal kid. Normal kid, no one else would agree with me on that but I thought I was pretty damn normal. Since my parents almost lost me they kind of treated me like a science project for the first ten years of my life. I couldn’t do anything physical because my lungs hadn’t fully developed when I was born so the doctor told my parents that I might have asthma, I did. I had asthma, I was substantially smaller than all of my classmates, I didn’t start my period until I was eighteen years old. I was just different in a lot of ways.




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