Rachel is a wonderful, spirited and high-energy person. She has a wonderful outlook on the life that she has lived and laughing is one of her greatest gives. The more she shares the more we fall in love with her and her story. She is preparing herself for her wedding day. When a plane passes overhead she is taken into a memory of her life with her father, the only thing missing on this day. Her father was a stunts pilot. When she was young she watched from the ground as her father’s plane lost control and tore into the ground. For days her mother tried to protect her from the gruesomeness of the accident but Rachel insisted on seeing her father. He was wrapped from head to toe with third degree burns over 90% of his body. Her mother was right, it was a vision that she will never be able to forget, but she was able to tell her father she loved him and say goodbye. Now she must walk down the isle without her hero as her escort but as she prepares herself planes continue to fly overhead and final she knows that if only in spirit her father is still there.

DI/ Female- Taking Flight

  • (Scene opens with Rachel. She is standing in front of a mirror putting on a necklace. She studies the necklace for a moment then takes a deep breath. She hears a plane overhead, goes to the window and looks out. She watches the plane until she can no longer hear or see it.) I don't think that there will ever be a time in my life when hearing a plane won't remind me of my father. He was one of the most amazing men I have ever met, and I know most women who love their fathers say that about them but I am willing to fight any of you if you think that your father is anywhere near as amazing as mine. (Laughs) I’m no wrestling champion but for my daddy I will become one. (Strikes a boxing pose) Look at that stance, doesn’t it scream, “Talk about my daddy if you want to.” (Laughs) Wait that was a boxing pose, whatever I was probably the only little girl sitting on her daddy’s shoulders at age four with a spandex onezie on at the wrestling championships. He yelled, I yelled, no idea what I was saying but hey if daddy said it, it must be okay. (Smiles at the memory) I was a wrestler that year for Halloween and hell no I don’t have a picture. (Laughs) Actually I do but you will never see it. We have this thing that we would always do on Sunday mornings before we went to church he would come into my room and I would hide behind the door and he would look everywhere for me and right when he got on the floor to look under my bed I would jump on his back and he would turn around and put me on the bed and tickle me and we would laugh so hard once I started crying. We would go to church and come home; I'd run up to my room and him to his; changing into our football jerseys and jumping on the couch for Sunday football. (Strikes a football payer pose) You know where this is going. Football came before wrestling did. (Laughs) I was three (Beat) yeah I was three when we started doing some of the things that created the best memories of my life.




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