Janet is a mother who is standing front and center delivering the speech of her life, for the life of her daughter. Janet’s daughter is dying of Wilson’s disease, a disease that takes over your liver. She needs a liver transplant to save her life. Unfortunately, the only way she can donate her liver is if she is dead but the hospital will not kill her to take her liver for the transplant. Her last effort is to stand before the senate to ask permission to die for the life of her daughter. Like any parent she is not willing to stop.

DI/ Female- Willing To Die

  • Good evening ladies and gentlemen of Senate. I stand before this body today hoping to change your mind about a recent ruling that was handed down to my family. My name is Janet McCarthy this (Puts a large picture of Leah on a easel) is my daughter Leah. She is eight years old and presently living with in room 408 at Liberty Summit Memorial Hospital. I think that it is important to put a face to the papers before you. I think a lot of times people make decisions based on what they read, and what they feel, not what they know to be true. But this is my truth I am a mother of one and my one daughter is deathly ill. And because it is seen as inhumane the hospital will not allow me to give my daughter, my only daughter, my liver so she can live because this surgery will ensure my death. This is Leah. When I met my husband, Cole, we were completely in love almost immediately. He swept me off my feet if you will. The best man I have ever met next to my father. Only man that I wanted to be my husband and I mean I wanted him desperately to be by my side of the rest of my life an be the father of my children. But if there's one thing that I've learned in life it's that the things that we want aren’t always our reality. When he was called to Afghanistan to fight to represent this country, to represent me and his love for this nation and our relationships and everything that made him who he was. I supported him 100%. I didn't support him because I did or didn’t believe in the war. I supported him because I loved him and if he came home and said the president called and said that I have to go jump off the Empire State building, just have faith that there will be a Safety net at the bottom, I would do it.




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