Quinn is a young woman recounting her childhood that was full of abuse from her father. Her and her brother Joey spent a lot of their childhood locked in a closet playing games with their mother who found that this was the safest place for them. As she relives her childhood she shares the events leading up to a deadly fire that kills both of her parents and makes her and Joey orphans thrust into a system that does not keep them any safer than they had been before. All Quinn wanted was to be loved and to experience a normal life but as she is placed in yet another abusive situation and looses Joey who tries to defend her Quinn begins to loose hope. It is in this moment of reflection that she begins to move forward. She begins to realize that unlike the checkers games she played in the closet as a child she can walk away from the game and still win, she can choose to not be a reflection of her past. Quinn soon accepts that she started the fire that killed her father as she reached her hand to help her mother she worked to save him, again turning her back on her children. Is it possible to move past such a hellish childhood and still be able to breathe? Quinn demonstrated that we can all play the game of life anyway we choose and come out on top. 

DI/ Life's Unfinished Game

  • (Scene opens with Quinn, a young woman in her mid twenties she is playing an intense game of checkers with herself. She looks for a moment then moves her checker with a smile.) King me. (Laughs) How about that Joey, I made it all the way to the other side and you have to King me. My brother Joey and I always played checkers. We aren’t twins, though everyone thought we were. I was the oldest but I’m a girl and that little boy grew to be the same height as me by the time I was four and he was two. He could play checkers before he knew his ABC’s it was one of the only things that our mother did with us. He’d say to me, “I win Quinn, I win.” Sometimes I let him win but most of the time it was a fight to the deaths. (Laughs) All the hours we spent locked inside the bedroom closet were spent with her telling us stories about all of the places that we would get to see one day and playing checkers. (Beat) The closet, our home away from home.