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Beth is ready. She has studied, practiced, signed up and paid for her driving test. She gets up the morning of the test rested and prepared for the day. Unfortunately her family is a mess and her mother has the chauffeur drive her to the DMV. Once inside she finds out she was suppose to bring her own car and so the comedy ensues. As Beth takes her test in the family limo she is already nervous which gets even more intense when she relaxes that the entire family is in the back. Needless to say after she nails parallel parking she sadly decides to return a quick text message. Finally back at the DMV she finds out that she failed. But as the scene comes to an end…she is up, ready to try again.

Driving: The Test

  • (Opening, we hear a loud annoying baby crying in the distance. We see Beth. She has headphones desperately trying to study through the cries. It is clear she can still hear them.) Beth: (Reading) “Turn on blinker, slow to a stop, look both ways and proceed to turn.” Got it. Okay I’m ready. (Yelling) Mom, let’s go. Mom: You don’t have to yell. Beth: Am I the only one that hears Nicholas screaming for his life? Mom: Yes, my room is soundproof so I don’t hear him yelling. That would drive me crazy. Beth: How do you parent like that? Mom: Worked on you and your brother, and your father sometimes. That’s what nanny’s are for. Beth: She’s off today. Mom: A technicality. Beth: You’re stressing me mom. I can’t be late to my appointment or they will cancel it. Mom: Calm down little girl. I’m not sure why you want a license anyway. Beth: Because I don’t want to depend on a driver for the rest of my life. Mom: There is nothing wrong with having a driver is there Calvin? Calvin: Not at all Madam. Beth: Madam? I can’t believe you make him call you that. Mom: Hey, your father works so that- Beth: -we don’t have to work as hard. Mom: You’re such a smartass. Beth: Thanks, let’s go. DMV Lady: Next in line. Beth: Oh wow, that’s me. DMV Lady: Next in line please. Beth: Hi, sorry I’m so nervous. DMV Lady: So nervous you couldn’t walk up to m window when I yelled at you? Turn around. (She does) Beth: Okay. DMV Lady: Do you see all those people. Beth: Yes. DMV Lady: When I say “Next in line” I expect people to run. Watch this, Next in line!
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