Best friends Liza and Nicole are dancers. They live together, they audition together and they support each other like family. When Liza starts acting funny; unable to remember simple dances, spacing out, and other odd behavior Nicole calls her parents to come out and take her to the doctor. She is quickly diagnosed with Schizophrenia. Nicole then watches her best friend deteriorate into someone that she no longer recognizes but will always love. She holds her friends’ hand through this tough time while accepting that all she has now are the memories of who her friend use to be: a beautiful dancer with all the love and clarity in the world.

Duo/ Duet- A Little Push

  • (Scene opens with two actresses warming up for an audition. They are doing vocal and dance warm ups. This should be a funny moment of these two girls looking at each other, watching, surveying sizing up the competition. The girls are clearly taking these warm ups serious, maybe a bit too serious.) Liza: Hi. Nicole: Hi. Liza: What part are you auditioning for? Nicole: Kelly, the wife. Liza: You are? Nicole: Yes. Why do you say it like that? Liza: (Laughs) I just don’t see her as- Nicole: - black? Liza: Well she is supposed to be able to speak Spanish. Nicole: No actually the audition sides say (Reading) “With an accent, possibly Spanish.” See the word “possibly” on the sheet? That means that there is also a “possibility” that they won’t use the accent. Liza: Whatever. (Liza turns away, under her breath) “Ell cree que va a conseguir esta parte esta complamente loco.” Nicole: No, actually I don’t think I’m going to get this part and I’m not crazy. I’m here to audition and if I get it great, if I don’t so be it. Liza: (Speechless) You know Spanish? Nicole: Yes, quite well. (With attitude) “I’m no es loco.” (They give each other a hard look then both bust out into a huge laugh. They hug.) Liza: You are absolutely crazy. Nicole: We both are. Liza: If the casting director could see our audition in the lobby we’d always get the part. Nicole: Every time. Nicole: I can’t believe neither one of us got that show. Liza: Right. What could they possibly have wanted? They had a Hispanic Hotness and a - Nicole: Nubian Queen. (They laugh. Nicole looks through some papers) You will never guess… Liza: White girl? Nicole: No. Liza: Asian? Nicole: Nope. Liza: Drag queen. (They both laugh) Nicole: I could see the headlines now, “Introducing The Queen and The King: A Musical” hell nowadays that show is probably in the works. But seriously who go it? (She shows her the paper)




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