Kelly is in love with Jason. Jason is a famous singer in a band and the figure of her affection. When she wins an opportunity to meet him in person she falls even deeper in love with him. They begin a relationship of convenience. One where she is madly in love with him and he is playing the game with her. It is not until Kelly begins to question his intentions that she finds out that he is, in fact, a serial killer. She follows him and watches him kill an unsuspecting woman. She then steps out of the shadows and confronts him about what he has done. He explains to her why he does what he does. That the only people that he kills are people who have done wrong. In the end she kisses him. Is she just as crazy as he is? Or is she now playing the same game that he is playing?

Duo/ Duet- Beats Of Music

  • (The scene opens with Kelly. She turns on her music and we hear the most amazing singing coming out. It is Jason “Killer” Clayton. She is clearly in love with his music.) Kelly: How does he make that sound? Its like the heavens have opened up and allowed the most benevolent angel out just so that I could hear him sing. (Hearing the music) Ohhh, listen to this note. (Listens) Humming birds, sweet music. (She closes her eyes again and goes into a dream scene.) Jason: Hey there sweet thing. Kelly: Me? Jason: Of course you…sweet thing. I think you and me…we could make the most beautiful of music together. Kelly: But I can’t sing. Jason: There are other ways to make music sweet- Kelly: Sing! Jason: That’s right. Kelly: What other ways? Can I hum? I can snap my fingers. I can clap on beat. Just tell me how Killer Clayton and I’ll make music with you. I’ll do it! Jason: Just you being here, I can hear it. That sweet music in my ear is true, it’s real, it’s deep love music. Kelly: (Out of breath) I made sweet music with you? Jason: The sweetest. Kelly: I think I might faint. Will you catch me? (He exits. She continues to pant and fan herself. She opens her eyes and sees the dream is over.) Killer? Killer Clayton? Jason: (We hear him sing again) Kelly: I have to meet him. I have to. Radio: Listener number thirty- six will win two front row tickets and back stage passes to The Killer Zone. You will also get a thirty-minute picture session with the one, the only Jason “Killer” Clayton!!!! Caller thirty- six I’m waiting for you. Kelly: Oh my God! This is the sign I have waited for. (She pulls over her car dodging other cars.) Move people! (Honks horn) I have to call! Get out of my way; thirty people have probably already called! (She slams on the break and comes to a stop. She dials.) Hello, yes…umm hmm, I am? Are you sure? YES! YES! (She does a joy dance.) Driver: Get off the road crazy lady. People like you are why we have full prisons!




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