Sylvia is a simple white girl living on her father’s plantation in the south during slavery. She decides that she wants a something to play with, instead of a doll she picks out David, a slave also living on the plantation. Over the years of their friendship they create a strong bond that eventually turns into love. Sylvia teaches David how to read and then tells him she loves him. He tries to explain to Sylvia that he is her property and that they cannot love each other. Sylvia will not accept this. Their lives change the say she shares wit her father that she is pregnant and David is the father and that she loves him. Her father is ashamed of the situation. He beats David and forces Sylvia to kill him. She does and is then banished from the plantation. Throughout the performance we see Sylvia at different stages of her life with and without David. He comes in and out of her memories, as does the child that she never had. It is a difficult timeless story of love and race, but these two people show us that love is always possible.

Duo/ Duet- Chained

  • (Scene opens with Sylvia, an older white woman holding a baby. She rocks the baby, hums a lullaby to the baby. The love that she has for the baby is clear and present. David, an older black man enters the scene. Sylvia and David both hold the baby as he begins to hum the lullaby with her. In an instant the baby has disappeared, David has disappeared and Sylvia stands alone searching…Transition.) David: (To Audience adult man) No African man, woman or child wants to be a slave. My mother was sold to this plantation before I was born. She would always tell the story of my birth. When they were loaded onto the ship she knew she was with child but she didn’t tell them because they had killed a woman who was right in front of their eyes. Said she’d never make the trip and they didn’t want to weigh the cargo down with dead weight. But she made it. I was born and raised here on the Luther Lovington Plantation where Luther Lovington is my master. (Transition to a younger David and a young Sylvia enters and is watching David as he works.) Sylvia: Daddy! Daddy! I want this one. (David is startled by her presence. He first looks at her then to the ground.) Daddy, I want this one. This is the one I want to play with. Can I have him? Can I please? David: (To audience, older) That is how I met Miss Sylvia. Master had told her that he was going to buy her a doll. She told him that she wanted a real doll to play with. One that will do what she wants it to do. (Beat) She picked me. Sylvia: Come on David let’s play a game. David: What game would you like to play Miss Sylvia? Sylvia: Why do you call me Miss? I’m only ten. David: Out of respect. You are my Master’s child. (Sylvia looks around, no one is close) Sylvia: (Whispers) Call me Sylvia. I won’t tell anyone. David: Promise? Sylvia: Always. You’re my best friend David. David: Shhhh, you can’t have a slave for a best friend. They’ll kill me. Sylvia: Who?




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