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Marriage is one of the most beautiful relationships that we can engage in. In Chapters we follow husband and wife as they prepare for the birth of their first child. But as the delivery date nears Lacy begins to change. Is it a result of the growing life in her body or is it a terrible secret that could cost her everything her love knows and loves? Time passes, the baby is born, when the baby comes out African American Kevin, a white man is left with an abundance or questions for Lacy, his white wife. Lacy and Kevin must decide if their love can stand the test of time, or live until tomorrow.

Duo/ Duet- Chapters

  • (Scene opens, we see Kevin holding a baby) Kevin: (Talking to audience) This is Joshua Harris. My wife and I decided on Joshua because he experienced a miracle in the bible. Joshua was supposed to be our miracle. (Beat) He has his mother’s eyes, and his father’s (Beat) I love this little boy. Kevin: We began dating our senior year in high school. I was a jock. Lacy: Really honey? You were a jock? Kevin: Okay so I was a member of the football, basketball and soccer team. Lacy: And… Kevin: And, I made all three of the teams all four years so how could you make these people believe that I was not the jock that I say I was. Lacy: Because my lovely jock-less husband just because you make the team doesn’t make you a true jock. I think when people call themselves a jock they actually participated in the sport. Kevin: Ouch, burn. Lacy: No burning, just be honest. If we are going to tell the story we have to tell it right. Kevin: Fine. I was on all of those teams but (inaudible mumbling) Lacy: Sorry honey, what did you say? You weren’t talking loud enough for anyone to hear you. Kevin: I said that I was on all of those teams but I didn’t actually play. I… was a - Lacy: (Like a cheerleader) Bench warmer. Gooooooooo Cougars! Yeah!!! (They both laugh, and embrace) Kevin: This was how we always were, fun and laughing. The thing that devastates me about memories is when you look back on them and look at the person that the one we loved has become and you just don’t recognize them. The question then becomes was that the real them or is the person standing before us the real them? Scary to think that I didn’t know her at all. We were so perfect. And I know how clique that sounds “perfect” but she made me happy and I made her laugh, it was a relationship that made both of us – happy. We made our friend jealous because we were everything they wanted to be. (Beat) I didn’t realize what I had, you know?




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