In the midst of the death of Trayvon Martin we find a lost boy and a case of history repeating itself. Trayvon Martin has just wondered into a strange place. At the gates he is greeted by another murdered black boy named Emmitt Till. It is Emmitt’s job to welcome new black boys into Heaven but in the midst of the greeting he has to explain to Trayvon where he is and why he is there. Through a series of interactions Trayvon must accept his life is over and this new chapter is about to begin but in order to do that he must see his life for what it is not what it was. Showing the audience that though these two boys were born in different eras, some things in history have not changed.

Duo/ Duet- Different Time, Same Story

  • (Opening we see a young African American boy playing by the river. He sings and whistles a church hymnal indicative of the 1950's. He is happy and content. He sees someone approaching, it is another African American boy, he seems lost and disorientated. His clothes would present him as a boy from the present time. *Be aware that these two boys are from different periods in time, their speech and costume should reflect that.) Emmitt: Hey, you look lost, are you lost? Trayvon: No. I mean, I'm in Florida right? Emmitt: (Laughs) I ain't neva been to Florida. There are beaches there right? Trayvon: Where are you from? And why you wearing them overalls? Emmitt: I'm from Chicago but I was in Mississippi. (Realizing how different the two of them look) Trayvon: How old are you? Emmitt: Now? Or then? Trayvon: I don't understand? (Keeps looking around) Emmitt: I was fifteen when I died and now I'm (Laughs and looks at himself) I'm still fifteen. That's the joy of this place. Trayvon: You're dead? Emmitt: We'll yeah. (Starring at him) So are you. Trayvon: I'm not dead! I'm alive! I just have it get back to Wilson St. that as the Main Street to my dads’ house. He'll be looking for me soon. (Beat) My mom will be calling me, she always calls me. Emmitt: I promise I'm not saying this to scare you. Trayvon: I'm not scared this is some bull. I'm not dead and neither are you and this is all a dream or something like I passed out and I'm gonna wake up soon and I'll be back home with my parents. Emmitt: You're not going home Trayvon. Trayvon: How did you know my name? Emmitt: (Smiles) That's my job, to know the names of all of the black boys that come here too soon.




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