Sam has been in a foster home all of her life. She is seasoned on how things happen and has low expectations of getting adopted. Chrissy is new to the foster care system and when she comes to the home the two girls form a bond that continues to grow and support each other through the years of their life. Over a simple game of “Slaps” the girls decide that all they need in this world is each other. As time passes and the girls continue to not be adopted they both begin to question if this is ever possible and should they even hold out hope that someone will love them the way they love each other, like family. With their eighteenth birthdays approaching the girls have decided to stay together after they are released from foster care and have made future plans, but these plans fall apart when months before they are set to leave, Chrissy gets adopted. Will the girls be able to maintain their relationship or will Sam be so hurt that she walks away from her only family forever?

Duo/ Duet- Fostering Care

  • (Scene opens with Sam, she is a five-year-old girl playing a game of “Slaps” with her imaginary friends. It is clear that even her imaginary friends don’t much care for her.) Sam: (Slaps) Come on Lucy you put your hands on the top (Listens) no Lucy no I would never hit your hands hard. I’m your friend. (She places her hands on bottom and waits a moment to strike. At this moment Chrissy enters and watches her play. Chrissy is a girl, same age as Sam, she is shy and new to the foster care system. Sam hits “Lucy’s” hands with a fierce swipe, laughs a devilish laugh. Beat.) Oh don’t run away, don’t cry Lucy. (Beat) Fine. Cry. You weren’t my friend anyway. (She turns and sees Chrissy watching her.) Wanna play slaps? Chrissy: No. Sam: Please. Chrissy: Absolutely not. Sam: (Mocking) Absolutely not. Chrissy: You’d hurt me. Sam: (Mocking) You’d hurt me. Chrissy: Stop that. Sam: (Mocking) Stop that. Chrissy: I’m stupid. Sam: (Mocking) I’m stupid. Chrissy: I know you are stupid. (Laughs) Sam: (Smirks) Hey. You’re smarter than you look. Chrissy: Which would make you not as smart as me? (Smile) Sam: Well I guess so. But I’m smart for a foster home kid. Chrissy: What’s a foster home? Sam: This is a foster home, and we are foster home kids. Chrissy: But my parents are coming back. When the nice lady took me away they told me they would come get me. Sam: You sound like Annie. Chrissy: Is she a foster home kid too? Sam: Kind of, Annie from the movie? She thought that her parents were going to come back too.




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