Rachel is a young girl starting to pack for college with her best friend Jack. As she packs her boxes Jack unpacks them, rips off labels and makes fun of her just like old times. But Jack wants one thing to happen before he lets Rachel leave, he wants her to accept her past and let him go. Throughout their conversation we realize that Jack is much more to her than just a friend. Rachel must free her mind from the voices that cloud her judgment to be able to see Jack for who he is and what their relationship really was. Growing up in an abusive home with only her father Rachel finally remembers the violent death of her brother Billy. As the shadows of her memories become clearer she relives the day she said goodbye to her brother and hello to her imaginary friend Jack. The story deals with the struggle a child has with abuse as well as the reality of creating different personalities to assist in dealing with it. But in this coming of age story before Rachel can start the next chapter of her life she must let go and recover from the horrors of her childhood that have for so long shaped her as a person.

Duo/ Duet- Gone

  • (Scene opens with Rachel packing boxes. She is happy but there are certain moments when she pauses and we see a bit of worry within her.) Rachel: This goes in here; label this box as (She writes) “kitchen stuff.” Yes. Kitchen stuff. (A younger boy appears. He grabs the marker behind Rachel’s back, marks out what she has written on the box and writes something else as Rachel turns, he is gone. She reads the box again.) “Technically pantry stuff.” Okay Jack clearly you are here messing with my labels. Jack, where are you? (Beat) Fine yes technically it is pantry stuff. Jack: Thank you. That is exactly what I wanted to hear. Rachel: You are annoying and how did you get in here? Jack: How do I always get in? Rachel: I have no idea. You’re like a nightmare that won’t go away. Jack: Technically I wouldn’t be a nightmare because it is daytime and you my friend are not sleeping. Rachel: You’re such a smart ass. Jack: This is true but you played a hand in that, you were a great tutor. Rachel: What? Are you firing me? Jack: No (Beat) but you’re leaving. I’ll have to get someone new to teach me how to be a smart ass. Where will I find such a person? Rachel: (Laughs) I’m not dying I’m just going to college. It’s a pretty big deal for someone like me. Jack: Like you? Rachel: You know, with my family drama and stuff. Jack: Sure, yeah I know. So what’s in this box? (He rips off the tape from the box and begins to pour all of its contents on the ground. Reading.) “Bed animals.” What the hell are bed animals? Rachel: They’re animals that I put on my comforter when I make my bed. You’re a jerk. Jack: What’s this one? (He holds up an animal. She looks at it for a long moment and gently takes it from him.) Rachel: This is Mr. Bunny. He’s special. (She holds him close, to Jack.) Maybe you could come to college with me? Jack: I can’t Rach. You have to do this one on your own. Rachel: I’m scared.




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