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Lyle and Lindsey are twins. They were born together. They grew up together. But like no regular set of twins they will never have their own lives. They are Siamese twins. When the only way they can have separate lives is through their dreams we find that what both of them want is the freedom to live the dreams that they have. We get to see the joy that their dreams bring them and the sadness that overcomes them when they have to come back to reality. Through all of their wonderful action filled dreams we see that they may be connected but they are definitely individuals and special in their own way.

Duo/ Duet- Level Of Connection

  • Lyle: Hi. Lindsey: Hi. Lyle: I’m Lyle and this is my sister Lindsey. Lindsey: I’m Lindsey and this is my brother Lyle. Lyle: Now that we got that out the way I think that we need to tell them about the elephant in the room. Lindsey: (Whispering) Lyle, you can’t tell people that they are an elephant. Rude. (To audience) I’m sorry for my brother, he is rude. Lyle: No stupid, when someone says the “elephant in the room” it means that there is clearly something wrong in the room that no one wants to talk about. Lindsey: What could that be? Lyle: Seriously Lindsey? Lindsey: Oh come on Lyle I’m just kidding. But they really can’t see it. They don’t know that we are dreaming right now. Lyle: Well let’s show them the elephant. (They connect) Lindsey: Hi. Lyle: Hi. See Lindsey and I were born as Siamese twins. Our parents didn’t want to separate us at birth and now- Lindsey: We share too much to separate. Lindsey: (Connected) Some people look at us and they stare like you. (Points) Lyle: Or you (Points) see it sucks doesn’t it. Lindsey: I mean we get it. We look different. Lyle: Move different. Lindsey: Like, I can dance really well. (Shows) Lyle: And I stand there, dancing is not my thing. Lindsey: We each have our own brain and our own thoughts. Lyle: But sometimes we get sad and we want to be separate. Lindsey: Yeah, there are days that I didn’t want to be with her, no offence sis but I wanted to be in a room alone. Lyle: The first time I cried she was there, I didn’t want her to be. Lindsey: The first kiss I ever had he was laughing in the background. Lyle: But sometimes, sometimes we decide that we are going to close our eyes really tight and we (They separate) separate.




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