In this serio-comedy piece we see a couple Luke and Seth. After Luke is spoken to by a passing UFO and told to tell the world of their return he takes it very seriously. The comedy between the two of them is great joy and fun. It is clear that they love each other. The first person he tells is his partner Seth who is not a believer in the situation but is a believer in him. He decides that helping him to spread the word will be a great opportunity for him to bond with Luke. With every minute they spend together he begins to feel more like things are going back to the way that their life use to be. In the end the aliens do return and Seth and Luke hand in hand go with them.

Duo/ Duet- Love Is In The Air

  • (The scene opens with Luke standing outside looking up at the sky. He sees something in the distance that comes closer and closer, the light gets brighter and brighter. It is a UFO.) Voice: Luke McDonald, the superior power of planet Xcenia has chosen you to spread the word on our plan to take over your planet. Warn them Luke. Warn them all! Luke: I will, I’ll warn them. Helen: (To audience) That is my husband Luke. (Laughs) He used to be a normal guy; liked football, drank beer, cut the grass, just a normal guy. And then this whole UFO thing started he ran into the house- Luke: Helen! Helen! I just saw a UFO and there was this bright light that flew over me and lights and spaceships and then the alien- Helen: Alien? Luke: YES! There was an alien and the alien spoke to me. Helen: Really? Luke: YES! Helen: And what did the alien say? (Laughs) Luke: (He freezes) You’re laughing. Why are you laughing? Helen: Honey, are you serious? You come in running out of breath, sweating for the first time in years, going on and on about a UFO and aliens and bright lights. I feel like I’m talking to a child. Luke: You are a nonbeliever. But it’s true. And the alien spoke to me and he said to warn the world that they are coming back to take over the planet. They’re coming. Helen: Coming here? Of all planets why this one we don’t even recycle. Luke: Oh keep the jokes rolling. Yes, they are coming Helen. We have to tell everyone. Helen: Tell everyone? How will you do it? (Luke exits as he contemplates the plan. To audience.) This is the person my husband became. UFO’s, aliens taking over the planet? Luke: Helen, Helen, I’ve got it! Helen: So what is the master plan? Luke: Well I got to thinking that we should make flyers and pass them out. Maybe post and information sheet on light poles like we did last summer when we had a garage sale. What do you think? Helen: Ummm well Luke if you think this is really something that we should broadcast to people, sure.




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