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A husband and wife must come together and support one another through a parents worst nightmare, a missing child. Situations like this create a strain that is unavoidable even when they love each other the stress of the situation pays a tool on both of them and their relationship.

Duo/ Duet- Missing

  • (Scene opens with Jamie playing with Lucy. They are in a scrap yard. They pick up pieces of wood, scrap metal and debris.) Jamie: (Picking up a large piece of wood) Pitch me the ball. Lucy: No Jamie, you’re going to hurt yourself and you mom is going to tell my mom it was my fault. Jamie: No she won’t they’ll never know. Lucy: We aren’t even supposed to be out here. Jamie: No one is out here that’s why this place is so fun. Now throw me the ball. (She does, he swings and hits it. Lucy goes to retrieve the ball as Jamie runs around the bases. Jamie sees something that draws his attention. He is grabbed.) Let me go! (Lucy returns with the ball.) Lucy: Did you already score? (Beat) Jamie? Jamie this isn’t funny. (Yelling) Jamie! Jamie! (She runs yelling his name.) Reporter: We are here in the Kansas City, Kansas industrial District where ten-year-old Jamie Loveland was last seen playing on a series of platforms with friends. His parents reported him missing that evening… that was seventeen days ago. Mrs. Loveland what do you want to tell the public about your son? Nora: (Holding up a picture) This is my son Jamie Loveland. He is ten years old. He loves to play with cars and his favorite food is mac and cheese- Jamie: Now mom, you know that’s not true. Nora: (Beat, smiles) I mean his favorite food is chocolate chip cookies, but I would always tell him that sweets were bad for his teeth- Jamie: -But look mom, no cavities- (He opens his mouth wide) Nora: We miss him- Jamie: Look mom, no teeth. (He folds his lips under his teeth) Nora: And we desperately want…need him back. He is our son and we know that he is out there. Keep on fighting Jamie. We are coming for you. (Jamie’s presence has changed. He is cold and alone and terrified at what is happening.) Jamie: I’m scared. It’s dark. Mom, Dad can you come and get me? Nora: Please help us. Jamie: Please help me.




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