Tabitha is a teenage girl who loves her little sister Shelly. She loves her laugh, her personality and her positive energy. When she takes her sister to the grocery store for a seemingly simple trip and returns to the car with no Shelly, Tabitha must deal with the reality that her sister is gone. Throughout the scene we see Tabitha’s relationship with Shelly soar to new levels and finally Tabitha gets her wish when Shelly comes to her in a vision. She is gone now and wants Tabitha to know that she can stop looking for her. She didn't die in pain but she did break all of the rules that her big sister had taught her when the lady opened the door and got in the car with the doll. Before she leaves Shelly tells Tabitha where she can find her body and how she died. The sisters have a connection throughout with Shelly’s favorite thing, snow globes. Her favorite one is a ballerina dancing in the snow, a dream that finally comes true.

Duo/ Duet- Missing Dancer In Snow

  • (Scene opens with Tabitha. She is holding something in her hand that captivates her. She shakes it; it’s a snow globe. She smiles content with what she is holding in her hand.) Tabitha: (To audience) I have a little sister Shelly, she’s a few years younger than me. She is one of those girls that should drive me crazy but there is something special about her that makes e love every minute that I spend with her. She’s almost my friend, but she’s too young to understand just how much I love her. (Shelly enters) Shelly: Tabitha, if I can’t go in your room you shouldn’t be in mine. (Yelling off) “Mom, Tabitha is in my room again.” Tabitha: Shut up Shelly I just wanted to see your collection of snow globes. Shelly: They’re mine. Tabitha: I know they’re yours. Which one is your favorite? Shelly: (Shelly walks around the room and picks up one) This one. Tabitha: Why? Shelly: Because the best big sister in the world gave it to me. Tabitha: I did? Shelly: Yes you did. There’s a girl dancing in the middle of the streets of New York City. I want to be a dancer like that. I want to dance in the snow? Tabitha: (Laughing) Dancers don’t dance in the snow Shelly. Shelly: But I could if I wanted to. I could. (She starts to dance around the room. Both of the girls begin to laugh.) Tabitha: You can do anything you put your mind to sis, anything at all. (Shelly is standing on the edge of the entrance to Tabitha’s room. Tabitha can feel her presence but ignores her.) Shelly: Ummm, hey Tabitha are you busy? Tabitha: Yes. Shelly: But I have a question. Tabitha: Don’t ask me if I’m busy then ignore my answer. Shelly: I asked because mom said that is the, “Respectful thing to do young lady.” (Tabitha laughs at her) Does that mean I can come in?




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