The only thing Zach wants is to be “Normal” like his big brother Chad. Unfortunately Zach has been diagnosed with a mixture of ADD and Autism. He may not be able to communicate well but he can do mathematical problem in his head in a matter of seconds. When Zach is bullied at school big brother Chad comes to his aid. Chad loves his brother while being overwhelmed with his own life he tries to make sure Zach always feels like the things that make him different are the things that make him special. When Zach wants to talk to girls, like he has seen Chad do, he leaves the house unsupervised and is hit by a car. Chad comes to his side and holds him as Zach tries to explain that he just wanted to talk to the pretty girls. It was the simplest request that he had in the world and it cost him his life, just trying to be normal.

Duo/ Duet- Normal

  • Chad: Ladies and gentlemen it is time for the main event. Zach: Is it really time Chad? Chad: Oh it’s time. In this corner we have…what’s your name again? Zach: Time for wrestling! Chad: Wrestling! What is your wrestling name for today? Zach: Super ADD boy! Chad: (To audience, as Zach wrestles) My little brother Zach has ADD and a splash of Autism. (Smiles) His mind is all over the place sometimes. He likes to repeat things and he remembers every word you say. Zach: Every word you say! Then you’ll hear him yell out some random number that means nothing to you and me… Zach: Every word you say! Chad: -but to him it’s everything in his head at the moment. Sometimes I want to scream at him, but it’s times like this (Beat) watching him be a wrestler without a care in the world. These are the best times for him. Zach: Come on Chad what is your wrestlers name? Chad: Adderall! Zach: My enemy. (They wrestle with each other it ends in laughter) Zach: (Doing school work, writing) Today I write a poem. Roses are red. I like red. Chad: Focus on the poem Zach. Zach: Roses are red. Mom wears red. Chad: What rhymes with red? Zach: Rhymes? Chad: Words that sound alike. Red- bed. Zach: Red- bed. Chad: Right. Now try another one. Zach: Girl- pearl. Chad: Nice job. What will you give a girl when you ask her to marry you?




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