In recent years the world has watched as America fights against itself for justice and a level of equalization. With the death of Trayvon Martin and more recently Michael Brown racism has been pulled into the courtroom and the homes of Americans. Possibly the person that grieves the loss of a child the most are the mothers. In this story we see Lesley, Michael Brown’s mother and Sabrina, Trayvon Martin’s mother come together and tell their stories. From the day they found out their sons had been murdered to their memories of the boys when they were to young to be guilty of anything. The bond that these women share is a simple one yet it is one of the strongest in human existence, motherhood. As both women tell their story they realize that the best thing that they have is the support of the other. A lovely story that shows us that even through tragedy smiling is still possible, laughing is ever-present and in time they both find a way to breathe again. (Fiction)

Duo/ Duet- Our Day Of Silence

  • Reporter 1: Standing in the streets near an apartment complex just blocks from where Trayvon Martin was shot and killed last night. Here we have a witness. Witness 1: I was in my house and I heard an argument. Reporter 1: Could you hear what they were saying? Witness 1: No. I just heard voices yelling. Reporter 1: And then- Witness 1: And then- (Transition: the women are at a little league football game. The actions of a sideline mom.) Sabrina: (Yelling) No Tray you have to pull the flag baby. (Laughs) Lesley: Which one is yours? Sabrina: (Pointing) The little one, number sixteen. You? Lesley: Michael, number eight. If I could just get him to understand run the ball, pull the flag he’d be on his way to the pros. (Both women laugh) Sabrina: Tray wants to be everyone’s friend. He spends more time socializing then playing. Lesley: Michael likes to keep his uniform clean. Sabrina: Yours too? (They laugh again) (The women watch the game intensely.) Lesley/ Sabrina: TOUCHDOWN! (They celebrate) Wish they could stay this age forever. Reporter 2: Channel eleven coming to you in the midst of the mayhem surrounding the shooting death of Michael Brown. Witness 2: I can’t believe they shot that boy dead in the street. Reporter 2: What is the neighborhood saying? Witness 2: They’re saying that this poor boy had his hands up. Reporter 2: He had his hands up? Witness 2: Yes like this. (Demonstrates) Reporter 2: And then- Witness 2: And then- Reporter 1/ Reporter 2: And then…bang.




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