Luis and his father Manuel have always had a strong relationship. Manuel brought Luis from El Salvador to America in hopes of giving him a better life than what was available for him when he was growing up. Luis loves his father and how close they are but when he decides that he wants to know who he is and where he came from, truly. It is then that his father turns into a man he has never seen. Trying to hide his true history from his son, Luis tells him he is going to El Salvador and isn’t coming back until he has answers. Manuel is forced to tell him the truth about his mother, that he didn't have permission from her to bring Luis to America but did it for him. Everything that Manuel did was for the future of his son. Will Luis listen to his father and stay in the only home he knows or will he leave to a land that he doesn't know looking for answers to a life he doesn't know?

Duo/ Duet- Seeking Through Dreams

  • (Scene opens with Luis and Manuel playing catch. Luis is concentrating hard on hitting the ball as Manuel enjoys his time to teach his son.) Luis: (As a child) Papi, papi. I want to be like you when I grow up. Manuel: No son, I want you to be better than me. Now focus on the ball hijo. Watch the ball. Okay here it comes. (He pitches, Luis misses.) Luis: I can’t do it Papi. I’m not good at this. Manuel: Yes you can hijo, just focus on the ball, then swing. (He pitches again, Luis hits the ball.) That’s it! Run hijo run! (Luis runs around imaginary bases and Manuel is waiting for him at home plate.) I knew you could do it. I knew it. That’s my boy. Living the American Dream. Luis: (As a teenager, smiles) My father always talked to me about the American Dream. Like it was the Golden Gates of Heaven. (Laughs) All he ever wanted was for me to have more than he did. (Beat) I guess that’s the dream that most fathers have for their children. (Transition back to the base ball game. They celebrate the homerun.) Manuel: Yeah! Home run for Luis Gonzales. Living the dream. Luis: But I want to live the El Salvadorian dream. (He laughs, beat) Manuel: You listen to me; don’t ever say that again do you hear me? I got you here, live this dream and don’t ever look back, okay? Luis: (He puts his head down) Okay. Manuel: Your mother would be so proud of you. Luis: (He smiles) I know. The best- Manuel: Most amazing- Luis: Most beautiful- Manuel: Most perfect woman- Luis: Mother- Luis/ Manuel: In the world. (They embrace) Luis: That is the father I have always known. Always supportive and he always pushed me to do better and be better. But there was a dark side in him about where he came from. He wouldn’t talk much about El Salvador. He did talk to me about my mother all the time. He told me what a wonderful woman she was, he showed me pictures and always had pictures in the house so I would never forget what a wonderful woman she was.




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