Female/ Female
It is said that there is no bond greater than that of twin sisters, but for Camila and Ana this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Camila is the oldest and is recounting one of the most difficult relationships in her life, the one with her twin sister Ana. Ana was a dancer and everything that her immigrant parents expected her to be with all of the freedoms given to them as first generation born American citizens. Camila stayed in the shadows allowing her sister to always take the lead. Camila must address the feelings that she has for her sister when Ana comes to her to tell her that her time is limited. As Ana prepares to take her last bow Camila must stand as her big sister, and sit front row as she watches the curtain close on her sister’s life. *some Spanish is included in this cutting.

Duo/ Duet- Shadows Of My Sister

  • (Scene opens with Camila, an elderly woman packing a bag. She is humming a song that brings her joy. She begins a slight dance.) Camila: I can’t believe after all these years I’m finally getting rid of all this old stuff. My twin sister Ana loved to dance. Our father made sure that when we were four years old we were in dance classes. (Laughs) I never wanted to be in dance classes. I wanted to play the baseball. But my father always said- (We hear her speak but she is not present in the scene, as a child.) Ana: “Camila, las ninas no juegan beisbol.” Camila: (Laughing) “Little girls do not play baseball.” My parents were born and raised in El Salvador. They had a very clear view of what little girls and little boys were suppose to do. (Smiles) I was the tomboy, but Ana, she was the princess, the baby and their favorite. (Beat) (Ana appears, as a child this moment is a memory for Camila) Ana: Camila! Did Papi tell you that we are going to take dance classes? (She begins to try to dance. Camila laughs, joins in as the elderly woman.) Camila: I never forgot how to dance. Never forgot all of the wonderful times that we had together. But it’s not true what they say about twins. We had a special connection. Ana: Dance with me Camila. (She dances then disappears) Camila: But we were different in so many ways. (As children) Ana: Look at me in my ballerina outfit. Papi said that we will be taking dance classes. Camila: I don’t want to dance and this dress is stupid. Ana: Stupid? We are princesses and all princesses dance. (Ana turns on the radio. She begins to dance. Camila does not participate. Ana forces Camila to join in, she’s really bad.) Come on Camila you have to move your hips like this. (She demonstrated) Camila: I don’t want to move my hips. I want to move my arms. (She pantomimes swinging a bat and almost hits Ana.) Ana: Hey that bat almost hit me. You’re not good at that either. Be a PRINCESS! Camila: I don’t want to be a princess.