Laura is a nurse that loves her job. On a daily basis she sings to her favorite guest named Jackson or “Mr. Broadway” as he used to be a Broadway star before his accident left him in a coma. Laura believes that he is still in there listening to her, so she asks him if he can hear her on a daily basis and on this day he blinks a her. This moment transfers both of them into a life where both of them can talk to each other about life. We see Jackson as an actor auditioning and falling in love with Lisa another actress but in a strange turn of events their relationship ends and they never see each other again. Laura soon realizes that the man laying in a coma is her father that her mother spoke of all her life but never gave him a name. As Jackson and the love of his life sing and dance with each other Laura is able to live in a dream watching from a distance the joy of her mother and her love. As the scene comes to an end Laura gets closure for some of her questions but of course it all ends too soon as Jackson slips back into his coma never to sing, or dance again. Now living in his everlasting silence. 

Duo/Duet- Sing, Dance, Silence

  • (Laura enters the room singing to Jackson, a man who is in a coma. Though his eyes move he cannot communicate. It is a melody that she knows well that brings her much joy. Song should be up tempo.) Laura: (Singing) Hello man, hello super star. Hello sun, shining no matter where you are. In the shine of the light and the heat of the day, you are my man, my star, my superstar shining today. (She finishes as if she were on stage. She stares at him.) Everyday I come to work Jackson and I sing my little heart out to you. (Whispers) I hear you like the symphony but what fun is that for me? (Laughs, then stares at him.) Can you hear me? (Beat) Jackson: (V.O.) There is something in the joy of her laugh. Yes, I can hear you Laura. I hear you everyday when you sing to me and you have a voice like a turtle dove. Please keep singing to me. Laura: Of course you can’t hear me. The nurses tell me I’m crazy for singing and talking to the man in the coma but (Beat) there is something about you that makes me think you are in there. Jackson: (V.O.) I can hear you. Laura: On television the doctor told the man in a coma to blink if he could understand her. (Beat) Blink Jackson. Blink for me. (She waits in anticipation for a moment then she goes back to checking his vitals. Suddenly in an instant Jackson is humming the song Laura came in singing. She pauses then turns and stares at him.) Oh my God. Laura: You can really hear me. Holy shit! Shit! I have to get the other nurses. (She exits and returns with nurses.) …And I sang to him like I always did and today he started humming the song that I was singing. (To Jackson) Can you do it again? Can you hum for us? (Jackson is back in his coma state. He doesn’t move, doesn’t make a sound just still and unresponsive.) Come on they are going to think I’m crazy. Please just one little note. (The nurses leave, to the nurses) I promise he was humming. He was! (She turns back to him waiting for him to respond. He hums softly.)




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