Sam and Ashley have been friends since they were in elementary school. They meant on career day, the first day that Sam baked for Ashley and it was best friends ever since. Being friends has forced them to change the course of their lives unknowingly for each other. Sam passes on an opportunity to attend a culinary school because Ashley said that she didn’t think it was the time or place for him. Eventually he decides, some years later, that he has to leave Ashley for himself, so that he can grow. She supports him in the decision but they desperately miss each other. Sam spirals into a dark level of depression and takes his own life. He leaves Ashley a message on the note; he wants her to always think of him when she cooks. The scene ends with Ashley baking a cake with Sam present in spirit and helping her measure everything out just right.

Duo/ Duet- Spice Of Life

  • (Scene opens with Ashley reading. She laughs and flips to the next page.) Ashley: When I was in the forth grade I met my best friend Sam. (He appears) We were in Mr. Livingston’s class and we had a week of learning how to work different jobs. Sam: I want to be a teacher. Ashley: (Still looking at the book) He lied, said that he wanted to be a teacher because he was always a suck up. Sam: I want to be an actor. Ashley: Lie. Sam: Pilot. Ashley: Super lie. Sam: I want to be a baker. Ashley: Sam wanted to be a baker. He would make me cereal in a bag everyday and bring it to school. (Laughs) For him he thought that if he mixed different boxes it would create a new flavor that was all his own. Sam: Ashley, this one has whole wheat, granola, raisins and nuts. Ashley: (As a kid) What’s it called? Sam: Ummm, Ashley! Ashley: What? Sam: That’s what it’s called. Ashley: (As an adult) He named it after me. (Laughs) That’s just who he was. Sam: (As an adult) I baked my first cake in the seventh grade and brought a piece to Ashley. She wasn’t just my best friend she was one of my only friends. When you’re a kid you make stupid decisions because you aren’t thinking about death. You think that you’ll live forever. I know I did. Ashley: Sam, the lemon cake was so good. The inside was soft and stuff like the cake my mom gave me on my birthday. Sam: Oh thanks Ashley. Do you want to come over and make some cookies for the election tomorrow? Ashley: Sure. What time? Sam: Four o’clock. Ashley: Deal. (Begins to leave) Sam: Hey Ashley, umm do you think one day I could hold your hand or give you a kiss? Ashley: Sam, I think you’re a great friend but I just don’t think that- Sam: (Sam sees where this is going and quickly cuts her off) Okay see ya. Ashley: - but I wasn’t- (Sam is gone) Sam? You’re my best friend.




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