Blues Man is an older African American homeless man that is a blues singer. Like all homeless people he has a story to tell that is one of grief and loss. His world is disrupted when Maci stagers into his “home” after she has run away from hers. The two of them form a bond that is special in it’s own right. For Maci, her stepfather has become more important than she is in the eyes of her mother but after experiencing secret abuse she runs away to save her life but in the end returns to save her little sister from the same fate. For Blues Man Maci reminds him of a life that he has long left. His wife and daughter have moved on from him because he was more interested in the music that he was in being a husband and a father. But when Maci enters his house he sees her as an opportunity for him to save someone who reminds him of his child. They form a bond that is like that of a father and his daughter, one that is precious and everlasting.

Duo/ Duet- Street Blues





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