Sisters Dorothy and Denise have spent all of their lives together as sisters. Within any sibling relationship there will always be times when you don’t see eye to eye. The two women are now elderly and living together in and their bond is stronger than ever but Dorothy has always felt a level of guilt when it comes to her sister Denise as they went years without talking to each other. Dorothy found love in an abusive man and lost her direction in life. In the midst of Denise trying to assist her sister in finding the strength to leave him they have a fight that ends with one walking out and never looking back. Through the years the woman live their separate lives but true family bond will always bring you back together. When the sister reunite it is more than either one of them thought it could be. They love each other, they work through their issues and above all they forgive each other and find that there is so strong that no man nor time could keep them apart.

Duo/ Duet- The Other Side Of Me

  • (Scene begins with two elderly woman in the midst of a conversation. They are laughing at something that has been said. The love between the two of them is evident in their communication with each other. There is a radio on playing their “favorite songs.”) Dorothy: (Laughing) …and then he said, “Dorothy if that’s what it’s going to take to see you naked I’d rather- Dorothy/ Denise: go back to school!” (They both erupt in laughter) Denise: I always love that story. Especially the naked part. Like you’d ever get naked for him. (Beat) Dorothy, you didn’t. Dorothy: Well I did, but just once. Denise: That is one time too many he was not an attractive man. Dorothy: Hell at our age I’m just glad to talk about it even if we are laughing. Denise: So many years of stories. (Beat) I love you sis. Dorothy: You better. We’re too old to fight it out. Denise: And if we did you’d probably kick my butt like you did in Mrs. Tollivers third grade class. Dorothy: That wasn’t my fault I told you that some boy was picking on me. Denise: And I told you that I was playing jacks and to wait, but oh no you just couldn’t wait. Dorothy: Then I punched you. (She punches her) Denise: And I punched you back. (She punches her back. They have a slow, comical fight with each other before getting out of breath, laughing.) Dorothy: I felt like it went a little differently back then. Denise: We should stop before my son comes in here thinking we’re dying. Dorothy: (Laughing) We should fight more, it’ll give them something to do. We’re like The Golden Girls. (Laughs, Beat) Denise: What’s wrong? Dorothy: Just thinking about… Denise: We said we wouldn’t talk about that anymore. Dorothy: But it happened, I don’t want to die and feel like we have more to say. Denise: I love you. That’s all I need to say.




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