When two female college students must work together to better understand the differences between races an African American student Aminia and a Hispanic student Lucia find themselves face to face with adversity. Aminia and Lucia both speak passionately about the separate struggles of their cultures. They are two strong women who know where they come from as well of always having a connection to home, and where home is. The request was simple, “Challenge you partner” but when these two women begin to challenge one another they realize that thy have more in common than a college class and an assignment. They form a bond that will stretch over continents. In the wake of the passing of Nelson Mandela Aminia decides to revisit her birthplace to help her people, as Lucia decides to go on a journey to find her mother that was left behind in her difficult crossing of the border. Will these women make it back from their journeys or will they just be memories in each other’s hearts?

Duo/Duet- Transforming Our History

  • (Scene opens, two women one Hispanic the other African stand next to each other.) Aminia: It was suppose to be a simple Multicultural History class. Lucia: We would learn about other people’s cultures. Aminia: Seemed like an interesting class when I read it in the catalog. Lucia: The Hispanic History- Aminia: African History- Lucia/ Aminia: was already full. Aminia: On the first day the teacher- Lucia: Professor Notalina from Aminia: A village in Lucia: Mvezo, Cape Province Union of South Africa. Aminia: He was an old man possibly in his late eighties but that man was one of the best professors I have ever had. He started every class with a question that we had to write a two-page journal about because- Lucia: Once we understood the art of thought we would never take for granted that we had freedom to think. Aminia: Semester final, find someone in the class that is from a different culture than you and challenge one another. Lucia: Challenge one another? Aminia: Hi, I’m Aminia. Lucia: I’m Lucia. So you’re clearly not Hispanic. Aminia: And you are clearly not African. Lucia: Perfect. Aminia: Perfect, then I guess we are partners for this final. Lucia: Partners it is. Aminia: What are we suppose to challenge each other on? Lucia: I have no idea. I like the little old guy but I don’t know what he wants. Aminia: He wants us to challenge each other. Lucia: Okay. What does that mean to you? To challenge me? Aminia: Well he made a point to say that we can’t be partners with someone of our same background so I think we are suppose to challenge each other with historical knowledge and empathy. Lucia: (Laughs) Like I’m Hispanic so my people’s history was worse than your people’s history so I win? Aminia: You could look at it like that. But if we did, let’s be honest Hispanic people did not have a more difficult history than African people.




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