Joanna and Allen are best friends in everyway. They grew up together, went to college together and now live together. Their comedy is quite special. Allen is a fabulous dancer, Joanna is an accomplished singer and they are both making their dreams come true. But when Joanna finds out that she is going deaf she leans on Allen for support and like the friend he is, he chooses to change the course of his life to help his friend through the most difficult part of her life. They learn sign language together learning that even if you have no voice you can still speak. Life gives them a challenging hand to play but with each other there for support they come out on top. Allen and Joanna signing and singing through the toughest times of their relationship and coming out on top. (Piece requires both actors sign)

Duo/ Duet- Unsung Signs

  • (The scene opens with Allen taking a record out of the cover. He blows the dust off of it and smiles as he recounts the significance of the song he is about to play. He lays the record down ever so slowly and places the needle on the record. Allen melts into the sound of the woman singing on the album. What comes out of the record player is Joanna’s voice. He listens as she sings. Something changes, her voice starts to crack and then complete silence. She struggles to sing and Allen tries to help her, then she stops singing and only hums, the humming underscores Allen’s first monologue. Allen and Joanna start signing the rest of the song.) Allen: Beautiful right? Jo had one of the most beautiful voices I had ever heard on a record. Her senior thesis for her music composition class was the beauty in the distortion of records in comparison to the present editing age. She believed there was nothing more pure than the original sound of a record. (Laughs) It took a few thrift stores but we found a record player that worked. (Laughs, beat) She wasn’t always my Silent Hero, but she was always my best friend. I don’t think people understand what it’s like to lose your voice. Literally. (Joanna hums one last note.) (Allen is unpacking a box; there are a bunch of things) Allen: Oh Lord! Joanna get your cute ass in here. You will never believe what I found. Joanna: (Offstage) Five minutes ago you wanted popcorn so my cute ass, thank you, is making popcorn. Joanna: (Enters) What are you yelling about? (Seeing Allen laughs uncontrollably) I cannot believe you still have that God-awful dress. Allen: Of course I do. Senior year of high school, you were first chair in the all girls choir and state solo champion in this hot mess dress. Joanna: The agreement was that we were going to go the beach and have a bonfire and burn that damn thing. Allen: Yeah then your dad lost his job- Allen/Joanna: -and you/ I wore it to prom. (They laugh) Allen: So I kept it.




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