Wolf is the story of Jacob and Stacy. A couple that has been together since childhood. However, sometimes even with the greatest intentions we may fall short of our goals. Jacob grew up poor and wanted to make sure that his wife Stacy would never experience this. He works endless hours to provide for her and ends up going down a very dark path of drugs, alcohol and endless cheating all for the evil love of money. While Stacy longs for the attention of her husband she must accept that she is not a priority for him but the challenge is getting him to understand it too. Her fear is that she will not be able to get him to understand that she doesn’t love him because of what he provides for her, she loves him because of the memory of the man he was before everything else invaded his life. As Stacy packs her bags she must tell him why she is leaving in hopes that he will help himself to again choose to live. In an emotional scene where two people find out that being in love may not be enough.

Duo/ Duet- Wolf

  • (Jacob stands surveying the room that he is standing in. It is a special place to him, a place dear to his heart. There are memories in this room. Some good and some that he might even consider demons.) Jacob: You never realize the history of a house until it is in the midst of transition. (Laughs) I’m not some crazy shmuck I know that houses don’t transition, but they can change. (Beat) Yeah, they change because of the energy of the people in them. (We hear the laughter of Stacy. He looks for her but she is not there. She laughs again, nothing.) Stacy: (O. S.) Jake! Jake! Are you up there? Are we playing hide and seek? (Laughs) Aren’t we too old for that? (Stacy enters the scene as a teenager, Jacob transitions into a teenager as well.) I’ll count and you hide. Jacob: You always count. I can count to you know. Stacy: Not very good. My mom said she doesn’t want me to play with you because you failed your math test. Jacob: I didn’t fail, I cheated. (Stacy gasps in horror) Stacy: You cheated? Only bad people cheat. Jacob: I’m not a bad people. Stacy: You’re a bad people. You’re a bad people! Jacob: Shut up! (He covers his eyes and begins to count) 1, 2, 3… (She is gone. Jacob opens his eyes and sees she’s gone. He takes out a little baggie of drugs and snorts cocaine.) She was right. Hell at fifteen years old she knew, her mother knew I wasn’t going to amount to anything, not anything to be proud of. For her love was internal. I didn’t get that. I didn’t get that love wasn’t in the amount of money you made or the things that you could buy. It was about, love. (Shrugs) It took walking into an empty house to get it. But I tried to love her. I tried to change. Stacy: (O.S.) Jake you up there? Jacob: I tried to change for her.




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