Being yourself, being the person that you were brought up to be, being the person that you have crafted yourself to be, should be an easy thing. It should be easy to be the only person that you've ever been, which is you. Often people of all ages find it difficult to be themselves for a number of reasons. It could be that they are not respected by the people they surround themselves with. Sometimes it happens that they want to create an invisible barrier between them and the people that they call their friends, or their family and they don't feel like they can truly be authentic. In this collection of poetry, we address the idea of not being able to be who you are but we want to encourage people to do exactly that. In Exhausting we follow the story of someone and all of the things that they do for other people and outside sources that stops them from being able to do things for themselves. Realizing that the energy that we pour into other people’s needs is always taking energy away from our own. And in Solo we address all of the things that make us individuals and all of the reasons that it is okay to look in the mirror and only see oneself. It is also supported that you celebrate those moments that you have to spend loving who you are in that moment at that specific time in your life. Life is difficult already, but it is even more of a challenge if the person you spend the most time with isn't someone that you have learned to love.

Encouraging People to Be Themselves: Exhausting, Solo

  • Not drinking enough water

    Too much salt

    Too much sitting around

    Finding balance

    Like the baby taking their first steps

    Trying to figure out how to balance their weight

    So, they don’t fall

    Because no one wants to fall

    Down in your lowest possible state

    No one picking you up

    Seeing the sky and realizing just how far away it is

    Working to shake it of

    I need to clear my head

    Get the confidence to try again

    But it’s all just so



    Ever heard someone say that before?

    “I’m exhausted. Work, school

    Family, homework,



    Social media

    Selfie at just the right angle

    Smile with the right balance

    Of attitude and attractiveness

    I want “likes”

    No, no, no, I am told I need “likes”

    To feel good about myself

    So that I know that others admire me


    That’s what I’m looking for I think-

    No, I don’t think because I have passed that over

    Handed it off

    A hell of a relay runner I am

    baton- passed

    self-esteem- passed

    passing off this thing and that thing

    didn’t even see that my arms

    getting heavier and heavier

    never able to recover