When a teenage Sophia walks into her high school calculus class it was just like any other day, until it wasn’t. In the midst of last minute cramming she realizes that the room is nearly empty and the mood in the building is off. Students running to leave the building and others broken down into tears in the hallway, what is happening? She looks to her phone and sees four missed calls from her mother. When she finally connects with her, her mother is in tears and screaming, warning her not to come home, they are being actively deported back to Mexico. Sophia, an only child, has nowhere to go and on one to help her. The students are separated and sent to foster homes where abuse ensues and finally Sophia decides that going back to Mexico is the best thing for her. She doesn’t know if her parents are there, she doesn’t know what she is going home to but she packs her bag and sneaks away into the early morning and the heat of the desert making the trip back to Mexico on the same trip that her parents had made with her many years earlier. As she walks, the heat overcomes her. She can feel her life leaving her body and all she wants is to see her parents again. She looks for them in the heat of the sun beating down on her. She finds them off in the distance, or what she believes to be them. She uses her last piece of energy to make it to them…reaching for them…to her last breath. (*Actress has moments of speaking Spanish.)

DI/ Back Home

  • (Sophia broken, the visual is that she is near death. She can’t catch her breath. She works hard to unscrew a bottle of water, when she finally gets the top off and pours it into her mouth she realizes it is empty. She looks up to the sun that is beating down on her and begins to cry. She knows her death is coming, fast. She begins to pray.) Heavenly Father, I do not know how many more breaths I have left to take. I do not know if I will make it another day (looking up) or another minute. (beat) Please, let my mother and father know that I looked for them. That I tried to…make it home, back to them. (Her breath becomes more and more labored.) Amen. (She makes a cross showing her faith and pulls a necklace out from under her shirt. She looks at it for a moment. In Spanish) por favor, déjame ver mi madre y mi padre otra vez. aquí en la tierra. (In English) Please let me see them again. (She kisses the cross.) (Rewind: the same young woman is now preparing for school. She walks with a joy in her that we did not previously see. She sits down in her class, opens her books and waits for class to start as she speaks.)




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