Jennifer is a young woman in the midst of preparing for her wedding day. She shuffles through a closet looking for the items that she needs to make this day the most special day it could possibly be. She tells us how special the relationship is with her and her father, and in the midst of that tells us of the loss of her mother in a tragic car accident. Getting married without her mother is difficult, but also having her father refuse to attend is a heartbreaking realization. Jennifer is marrying Samantha and her father doesn’t support it. She never goes into details about his reasons why, just that in order to love who she loves she has to let go of someone else she loves. A father who was her everything and who changed his life to make sure she was taken care of when her mother died. This is an emotional story about a woman on her wedding day coming to terms with the fact that the two people who she loves most may never meet each other and that she may have to walk herself down the aisle, an emotional reality. It is a fun and honest glimpse into what it means to love and how difficult it is to move forward when In This Moment all she wants is…her perfect everything. Love is love, between a child and her father and mother but also between that one person that gives your smile a new meaning.

Female- In This Moment

  • (Jenny, a young girl in her mid-twenties stands in front of us. She is out of sorts, looking for something, then in the closet, on a high shelf she finds a box. She is elated. She opens the box and takes out a barrette and places it in her hair. She looks at herself in the mirror and laughs.)

    Fathers and their daughters. (Singing, badly or with fun) “Fathers and their daughters. Goodness the relationship with fathers and daughters should be this special thing. All of these stories of little girls and the joy that their fathers bring.” (Dramatic fun) Picture this, a little girl, blonde hair and blue eyes (Aside) because she has to have blonde hair and blue eyes for the story to really hit home. (Laughs) So there she is (Pointing) she’s exited the front of the house; the screen door slams as she runs down the steps- hair bouncing running towards…. “Daddy!” And she leaps into his arms, he spins her around and they laugh and laugh. Now no one knows why they are laughing or what is so damn funny but yet there they are, father and daughter wrapped up in each other in pure joy! I feel like this is the vision that I was given of what my relationship was going to be like with my father, and what’s crazy is that it was. I am Daddy’s little girl. I am the apple of his eye, hell I’m all of the fruit in the grocery store. (Laughs) A relationship so strong that nothing could break it apart. (Beat) But we grow, just the nature of life requires that we grow, and we become people that are so much more than pigtails and (Pointing at her hair) barrettes. But I never wanted to leave him behind…he’s my dad. He’ll always be my dad.




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