Violet is a seemingly normal beautiful and talented teenage girl. She is a dancer and has a focus and determination that could rarely be matched. But as we see her interact with the people who Influence her most she begins to exhibit signs of a different kind of focus. One that turns her talent of dancing into a crippling addiction that she believes is her sole purpose for living. We see her dance teacher who is more along the lines of a tyrant but to work with this teacher is to guarantee a dance career. Add into that dynamic Caroline the girl that Violet so desperate wants to be: she is the perfect size, shape, and doesn’t work half as hard as Violet does to be the talent she is and Caroline knows it. Then there is Violet’s mother who doesn’t believe in her daughter and voices that reality often. Violet finds herself starving herself physically and also emotionally for attention so much that she creates an alter ego of herself to help her cope with life. Through dance Violet is able to express her love and hate for herself while reaching for stars that she believes are attainable. It is within a story like this that we see how easily hard work and determination can cross over into an unhealthy addiction that, by the end of this scene, could cost Violet her life. She wants to be the most perfect and beautiful dancer in the eyes of her teacher and her competition, but from her mother all she wants is to be supported and loved. This is a beautiful story that allows dance to speak volumes to the heart and soul. *Violet needs to be able to dance as if she has been trained.

Final Bow

  • Violet: (To audience) This is Mrs. Evelyn’s studio. If you want to be a dancer, a real dancer this is where you come and these are the dancers you want to be friends with. This place has been my dream since I was three years old and I saw her dance with the International Ballet Company and I made it. That’s Caroline Sutherland. She was born with dance shoes on and a stick up her-

    Caroline: Hi Violet.

    Violet: (Faking it) Hey Caroline I didn’t even see you come in. Want to warm up?

    Caroline: Not really. I usually just stretch for a few minutes and go right into it.

    Violet: No warm ups, right.

    Caroline: When you get to my level you won’t need to work as hard as you do. (She steps back and looks at Violet as she warms up.) Or you’ll need to work twice as hard. (Slight giggle)

    Violet: We have auditions coming up and only a few weeks left. I have to land it or I won’t get into college.

    Caroline: This is what you want to do? Dance?

    Violet: Of course. I’m here five days a week to make this my life. (Looks around) Mrs. Evelyn is brutal. People said she was crazy but it’s more than that. It’s like it excites her to terrify us. No one pays for lessons with Mrs. Evelyn just for practice and they sure as hell don’t do it for fun. (Laughs)

    (Mrs. Evelyn has entered the room and heard Violet’s comment. She claps her hands and the girls run into a line. Violet lines up face front as Mrs. Evelyn walks around her.)

    Mrs. Evelyn: It seems that Miss Violet has something to say about me.

    Violet: No Ma’am.

    Mrs. Evelyn: Stomach in. (She pats her hand on Violet’s stomach. Violet immediately adjusts.) Something about I’m crazy.

    Violet: That’s not exactly-




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