“Man” is like no one we have ever seen or experienced. He/ She represents the future of what the world as we know it will be. He has chosen to visit “The Unborn” which is an office that you can go to in order to see three major events in your life. Once you finish you get the chance to decide if you really want to be born. Are the things that you just experienced, that you know for a fact you cannot change or avoid, so terrifying that you choose to not experience living at all? It is a story of life and the life experience that at one time or another all of us wished we could experience. Having hindsight. Knowing what is coming around the corner before it comes. Being able to walk into a situation with the knowledge that it is going to forever change who you are, but you had the ability to prepare yourself for it. Or the other side, the thought of waiting for these things to happen, stressing about these experiences that are in some cases tragic is overwhelming in a way you’ve never known. For “Man” when he experiences his “Good, bad and ugly” moments of his life he is left with knowledge but also with a sick feeling in his stomach because now he has the most important decision to make: live or die? What would you choose? Or would you want to see what your life’s cards said before making that decision? An emotional rollercoaster in the fashion of a time machine of life. Get on the ride- or not… but might regret the experience either way. Emotionally charged with the challenge of acceptance for a future that you have not yet had the joy or sorrow to live.

First Life Decision

  • (Scene opens with Man. He sits in a waiting room, looking at his watch, flipping through a magazine before he shares a secret with the audience.)


    Welcome to the future! There was a movie a long time ago about this cool white kid who was friends with a scientist, and he built a time machine car. That car took them back to 1985 pretty cool. But in my life, I’m taking you forward one hundred years. Times have changed. People have evolved and of course so has science. I know that it sounds crazy but let me tell you how things work now. Right now, I am sitting in the waiting room waiting to hear about my life. (Laughs) That’s how things work now, I am in an area called “The Unborn,” which means that technically I have not been born yet. (Smiles) Don’t worry, it is a choice that every human has before they are born. (Pointing) You make your choices and I’ll make mine, no judgements please. Everyone can come here and learn certain things about their lives before they choose to be born. (Beat) I know it sounds dark, but it gives people a choice that your generation and some after never thought would be possible. A lot of people choose not to participate. People are worried about how their parents are going to die or if they’re ever going to fall in love. (Beat) I guess my mind just tells me that if I know it’s coming then I can prepare, the way I see it its strategic. (There is a sound, Man’s number is called.) That’s my number, let’s see what good news this life has to offer.