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In preparation for the arrival of Hurricane Katrina a teacher shows his dedication to his students by doing whatever is necessary to save them. Even if this takes him to a place that is unfamiliar to him, never turning his back on his students is the most important thing. As he fights for his life and the life of one of his students we see inside the true essence of his man and his ability to never leave a student behind.

Floating on Katrina (Second Edition)

  • I first got word that the storm was going to hit right before school let out for the day. Teaching six classes of thirty-eight teenagers daily on the rights and wrongs of speaking English and writing English and having them challenge me everyday. But that is what makes a great English teacher right? Someone who will stand their ground on what they need to learn and no “Ya meen” cannot be used as a sentence the correct sentence is “Do you know what I mean.” Come on guys you know that I get the whole slang thing but you will not leave my class just speaking your slang you’re going to speak min too. The slang of what Jason? Come on Jason you know what I’m looking for. That’s right the slang of Mr. J’s English four class, we won’t leave this room stupid. And I met that too. That was a promise that I made to each of my classes on the first day of school and I drilled into them the idea that you can choose to be stupid but you will not be allowed to make that choice in my class, in my room, in my presence. Not Mr. J. So, when I heard the storm was coming and that we had a mandatory evacuation I had to make sure that all of my kids were okay before I headed out. I couldn’t leave them behind, like so many people in their lives had already done. Not here, not in my room. Not in my lifetime.

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