One of the biggest social and economic problems in America as well as other countries is homelessness. This has been an issue with the forefront of our society for many decades and it makes some wonder why it is that we are such a rich nation and yet the disparity is so very clear on our streets, in our shelters, and in all of our major as well as rural cities. The following collection addresses in very honest ways the plight of homelessness. In Don’t Drive Past we hear from a person who on a daily basis drives past a family that they see on the corner asking for money. For some reason on this specific day they decided to look in their rearview mirror and what they find is their own reflection. As they express what it is that they see within themselves and what others may see as they sit in judgment of the homeless population they are forced to turn around. Unfortunately, when they go back to the corner the family is gone but maybe, just possibly the actual turn around is within them. In Spare Some Change We get a first hand narrative of a homeless person and the way that they see the world around them. They share with us the things that make their situation a challenge and also the things that people can do to assist them too push forward to the next day. It is a very honest look because they also share with us how it is that they became homeless. We are all human beings and no matter what our financial, mental, physical or other reality is we all deserve respect and support.

Homelessness: Don’t Drive Past, Spare Some Change

  • How do you see your world?

    Is it always sunshine even in the midst of rain

    Or does the energy of the day always seem to push

    You through to the evening

    Always high spirited

    The joy is there

    Always seeing the bright side

    Glasses not half full but overflowing


    Never thirsty


    Never wanting


    Nights are as fruitful as the days

    What a great world

    Not a worry

    A concern

    That feeling of being not just okay but perfect.


    With closed eyes I see all of the greatness that I am surrounded by

    What a wonderful world



    But… as I listen to the conversation that is

    Racing through my head, “Great life”

    “Perfect life”

    “My life”

    I pass by a man or a woman or a child

    On the street

    Him with a sign

    Her holding her child

    The child looks

    Just… sad.


    My thoughts began to scramble

    Searching for them in the rearview mirror

    Yearning to see their existence a little longer

    But as I drove my car

    Full of gas

    Rounding the corner to park at my

    Fully furnished house

    How could I drive by?