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Driving Scared- ProseAn African American son must deal with the fear of loosing his father to Alzheimer's but a simple drive down the highway changes his perspective on life.Tears O Katrina- ProseA teenage girl shares her experience of being in the Superdome in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. The storm was not the only hell she endured.Man On Fire- DIA firefighter shares his love for his job and explains why fire is so close to him.Survivor- DIEva, a Holocaust survivor, shares her story on the day she will return to Auschwitz for the 70th anniversary of its liberation.Snaps- DuoHomeless siblings recall the circumstances of how they ended up on the street while exploring the possibility of another life.Dodgeball: Game On!Spencer Elementary School teachers vs students dodgeball game. It's the biggest game of the year.

Just Telling Stories- 6 pieces

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