A Collection of Poetry About the Life of a Red Head: Red is Born, The Red of Rain Hurts


In this collection we get to see a few sides of the red head. Putting to rest all of the rumors we properly address what makes a red a red. In Red is Bornwe hear the fun story of how a woman was born and how in that instant when her parents saw her and her red hair for the first time that they knew that something wonderful had just been born. Someone who would be an opinionated handful of fun stories for the duration of her life. She tells us of the attitude that she has and how it was handed down to her from her mother who was also a red head. She talks about the Red Strength that she had when her father died, and she supported her mother. And she sums it up with the Red Life that she has lived. In The Red of Rain Hurts we see the other side of her. The side that is more emotional than anyone who is looking at her would think. Her mother tried to warn her about the feelings she would endure but it wasn’t until she experienced it that she knew. Where some would be sad, she feels so much deeper. A look into a few different facets of being a red head.

Life of a Red Head

  • Red is Born


    A Red is Born

    On November 17th, the day that I was born

    In a year that is none of your damn business

    My father held me up to my mother’s chest and said,

    “Look at that red hair. She’s going to be a firecracker.”

    To that my mother oh so poetically said,

    “Of course, she is, I’d have it no other way.”


    And so, it began.

    The beginning of all of the things that people

    Think are true about redheads

    The assumptions from men and women alike

    Both equally as ridiculous and fun at the same time.

    Life is supposed to be better

    More interesting

    Elevated if that works for your vernacular for me because

    Well as you can see my hair is fiery red.

    Let’s see if any or all of it is true- the things that they say.




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