Chance is an African American man with well-kept secrets. He prides himself on being a great teacher to his students. But in the midst of teaching he must get assistance for his own problems. He was born addicted to alcohol and developed turrets disorder genetically from his absentee father. When he is asked to leave school as a child for being a disruption due to his turrets he is forced to be homeschooled. He loves education; he loves learning and decides that he is going to become a teacher. After finishing his degree Chance hires a tutor to assist him with his turrets and prepare him for being a part of the social environment of school. Chance always knew he was different but it is not until after two years of hiding his illness in his interviews that his tutor encourages him to be honest and tell people his life challenges. In that moment Chance opens up all of his hidden secrets by professing his love for his teacher. It is sometimes in the freedom of other life struggles that we find the courage to confront others. It is his chance to be himself, in front of the world, his Chance at acceptance.

Male- A Chance Of Acceptance





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