A comedian shows us how you can climb your way to the top but staying there is, at times, is out of his hands. As he struggles to get his hands back on the microphone he must first ask for help and support to stand-alone again. He soon learns that the support of a mother can take you where you want to be even if he never thought he'd make his way back...home. With jokes, passion and love he is able to stand on stage again and tell the best stories he's ever heard, and make people laugh the whole way home.

Male- All Jokes Aside

  • How yall doing out there tonight? I am so happy to be here with all of you beautiful people, and especially you. Damn brotha she is fine. Didn’t they warn you not to put the fine ass women in the front? So, I got picked up in the car and I was so damn scared when the driver opened the door instead of getting in the back I jumped in the front and sole that sonofabitch. Drove around for about an hour trying to figure out what the hell I was doing and when the police were going to arrest my black ass for stealing the limo. Now that’s some crazy shit. You ever been on a high-speed chase with yo self? Looking in the rear view mirror and the only person you see is the stupid nigga driving the limo, then you realize, “Shit, I am the stupid nigga driving the limo. (Beat) But I made my way here. I figured if yall had paid money to see old Rickie Logan do some stand up, well I should at least show up and give you a few jokes. I hope I still got it. Jokes. I thought yall might have forgot about a nigga. Now it’s been seventeen months since I’ve been in front of an audience. Shit I sound like one of them white mommas. “How old is your son?” “Oh Little Timmy is forty six months, five days and seventeen…eighteen minutes!” (Laughs) Cuz you know a black momma would have said “Hey Keith how old is Lil Tim? Shit, he bout 4. Yeah that’s bout right.” (Laughs)