Known for being one of the most powerful rulers in history, everyone knows the name of Hitler and has learned of the rein of terror that he poured over Germany and neighboring countries. In many instances in history we want to know “Why?” Why was he the way he was? Why did he do the things that he did and how could he become such a wrath? From his own words we will see a side of Hitler that shows us that sometimes the most intricate of questions can be answered, if they are just simply asked. Questions will be answered. (Fiction)

Male- An Understanding Of Hate

  • (Scene opens we see Hitler writing in a journal. He finishes the last sentence.) “Ich bin kein Monster. Ich bin ein Sohn, Bruder, Freund und für eine kurze Zeit einen Ehemann. Ich bin nicht so anders als Sie.” In the short time that my mother was with me she taught me many things. One of the things she taught me was to always write down your feelings. "Adi, sometimes you will not be able to say the things you want to say so try to write things down. That way you'll never forget." So that's what I do. April 29, 1945 my wedding day, how do I look? I figured today should be a day of reflection before I tie the knot. How did I get to this moment in my life? What series of events brought me here? I had a friend when I was younger, his name was Ernst Hess, he was a Jew. I didn't start my life swimming in this hate. I don't even think that I used the word hate in my speeches. I simply wanted to sustain the purity of my Germany. Much like if Adam could have saved Eve from the serpents' lies the world of Eden would be drastically different. Ernst and I met on the streets of Vienna. He saw my art one day and asked it he could draw with me that was my dream, to be an artist. But after applying g twice to art school and being denied I had no choice but to believe that it wasn't the path for me. I couldn't stop drawing. I would sit on the stoop at the entrance to our house and draw the things that I saw on the streets. The woman passing by with her children running around her, remembering the laughter and the love and trying to e cooperate that into the pencil and my paper. That's the joy of art is trying to recreate a vision.