Adam is a man still emotionally working through one of the worst experience of his life. On the night of his fifth anniversary after a wonderful night of celebration he exits the club and finds himself fighting for his life. His husband Scott is lying on the ground covered in blood. A man stands over him wielding a baseball bat. A simple night out turns into a tragedy wrapped up in a horrific hate crime that never needed to happen. Now Adam stands in front of a college class designed to assist students with accepting and understanding genders and sexuality. He tells them about his life with his husband Scott, how they came to meet each other and fall in love. The joy of Adam is that he retells the story in an effort to gain his own inner freedom and also keep Scott’s memory alive. Adam makes sure to remind them that it is smarter to fight with their words and not their fists. He makes his way through the details of the beating of himself and murder of his husband. The most important theme is that no matter the situation, no matter how heartbreaking it may be they can never allow themselves to be silenced. 

Male- I Will Not Be Silenced

  • (Adam walks to a microphone and stops. He stands there for a minute surveying the crowd that is large. The lights shine bright in his face. He gets a little anxious. His calm has returned.) You'll have to excuse me; speaking in front of large crowds it's definitely not a skill that I possess. That was more Scott's thing. But I told your professors that I would come today and speak to all of you about my life experience. Understanding And Gaining Acceptance and Tolerance For All Genders and Sexuality, wow I can't even believe that's a class offered. Good for all of you for signing up for it. (He picks up the microphone stand and moves it slightly. When he puts it down it makes a sound that makes Adam cringe. He takes a moment then continues.) Sorry about that, that sound (He picks up the microphone stand and drops it again.) I really hope you're paying attention because (Beat) well I don't want to get ahead of myself. What I really want to do is run off of the stage through the lobby outside 200 feet from the building and smoke a cigarette, or a pack, or two, I'm joking. A little. Scott hated that I smoked. So much so that before he would marry me he said that I had to quit. If there is one thing that my mother didn't raise it was a quitter. I joke but he was really worried about my health. It's funny looking back but I said yes and then he said yes. Best bet I ever made.