The time has come in American history for our first Hispanic President of the United States. He sits at his desk in the oval office trying to figure out how to start his speech. What words does he use to express to the American people the kind of President he will be? Before he can move forward with his speech he has to go back and tell the story of his immigrant parents and how they made it to America. Everything that they did to make sure that their family would be safe in a place where dreams are possible. They worked multiple jobs to provide for him and in the end he did everything that he set out to do. It is a coming of age story that tells us that sometimes looking back it the best way to clearly see what is in front of you. The scene ends with him writing his first words of his speech. It is magical, forever changing history.

Male- In The Office

  • “Four scores and seven years ago.” I always laugh when I think about the first time I read that speech in my law class. Coined as one of the greatest speeches of all time. A lot of great speakers and American presidents: Brock Obama, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan were very passionate speakers and now me, Cesar Rivera President of the United States of America. First Hispanic president ever nominated, and first to win. If there's one thing I can tell you about sitting in the Oval Office and trying to decide what to say in my speech it is that everyone comes from somewhere, respect where you’ve been and maybe one day you'll get where you were going just so you can have the opportunity to look back and see what you've done. I became President. My parents and my brother lived in Cancun, Mexico. When I say that people assume that we were rich and elite and that was not the case. They grew up poor working at a resort in Cancun watching other people live out their life's dream of a vacation on a beautiful beach. Both of my parents worked six to seven days a week in the cleaning department just to make ends meet. Working a sixteen-hour a day today and not getting paid overtime making $3.27 an hour they would walk seven miles home and they would cook dinner for my brother.