An elderly man shares with us his story of love and loss. He has a wonderful energy that makes us want to listen to him. In the midst of his story we see a pain come through him that is captivating. He begins to tell the story of the day that he disciplines his grandson and an accident happens that takes his family away from him forever. One simple accident, one mistake and one bad decision changes the life of this man forever. Forgiveness is on of the most difficult things to do as human beings but it is even more of a challenge to find the strength to forgive yourself.

Male- Knocking On Heavens Door

  • Next week I'll be celebrating my 80th birthday. I look pretty good for old man don't I? (Laughs) All of the women here at the nursing home call me that crazy old man. You know the kind of man, the man that all of the women think is so mysterious and secretive and yet none of the women can stop talking about the crazy old man in room 4B. Anytime we have a dance all of the women watch me cut a rug on the floor. I love to dance. (Dances) Always have. I learned how to dance from (Beat) my momma. One of the few things she taught me. She would always tell me, "Jalen, I may not have been the best momma, and I am definitely not the best woman in the world but I'll definitely teach you how to dance." (Beat) She was right about that, she was a terrible mother and she was never my friend.




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