There is nothing better than being, “Daddy’s little girl,” but for this man being a father is the most important thing in his life. When his wife finds out that she is pregnant he seems to be just as excited as she is. He didn't miss an appointment and he even named her. But as quickly as he was blessed with her she was taken away when his wife is in a car accident. His wife survived, but his baby did not. He never recovered from the loss. His wife stayed by his side and tried everything she could to assist him in his recovery but he felt as if there was no way he was coming out of his whole, a whole that was filled with meth. He falls deeper and deeper into his meth addiction and is unable to pull himself out. Not even when his wife tells him that she is pregnant again, the news of a new child does not bring him out of his mourning for the first. When his wife dies in childbirth he finally gets clean, for the moment. In the end we realize he is in the psych ward of a hospital suffering from a breakdown when he got high and threw his son outside in the cold and he died from hypothermia. A crushing story of a series of bad situations that he made bad choices about dealing with.

Male- Living Without Life

  • I was just like any other boy, I looked up to my father and I also had my grandfather in my life. They were two of the most outstanding men I could've ever wished for to be my mentors. They taught me how to do all of the things that a young boy should know how to do: fishing, swimming, lighting a fire while camping, riding a roller coaster for the first time without holding on (Laughs) being a man. All of the things that I felt like I somehow... lost in translation. (Beat) But life happens. Life happens to everyone. For me when life happened I went from being a smart young boy on the straight and narrow to being completely confused and lost, a disappointment, a disgrace. I think I was happier than my wife when she told me she was pregnant. I rubbed her belly for the entire pregnancy; I couldn’t wait until my baby was born. (Laughs) We would dance together every night literally because I said, “My baby is going to be a hell of a dancer. Boy, girl, I don’t care but they will dance.” (Beat) I was sitting at her doctor’s office, watching the minutes tick by. Today was the day we were going to find out the sex of the baby. I wanted a little boy just so I’d have someone to play ball with and watch Sunday football, and she didn’t care. She just wanted a healthy baby, that’s the kind of woman she was. (Beat, looking at his watch) She was late, and she’s never late. I called and there was no answer, I kept calling and kept calling. Finally someone answered (Beat) she had been hit by a truck. She lost a lot of blood before they could even get her out of the car, but she was wearing her seatbelt which is what saved her life…but the baby didn’t make it. (Beat) It was a little girl. (Smiles) There is no such thing as preparation for a death like that. To hear that if they were just able to get her out a few minutes earlier they may have been able to save her life. We buried her and gave her a headstone, Faith, her name was Faith.




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